Book Review – Optimize by Lee Odden

Optimize. To make the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource. Could there be a better title for a book about Online Marketing? I don’t think so, and you couldn’t expect anything less from Lee Odden.

In case you are new to the space, or aren’t as nerdy as I am, Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and one of the heavy hitters in the Online Marketing space. He writes one of the best blogs out there, in my opinion, which is why it’s odd to me that “Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing,” is his first book. Err regardless, I was very happy to be able to give it a read.

“Optimize” is a wonderful book for novices, SEO gurus, and PR pros alike. This book is written in a wonderfully easy style that allows you to absorb all the wonderful kernels of knowledge without working for it. Odden begins by grabbing the reader’s attention with an attainable understanding of what online marketing is in general, and commiserating with us online marketing professionals, regardless of specialty, the issues and frustrations we all face. Then when you are sufficiently sucked in and feel as if you are reading a book a friend wrote he slowly and smartly walks you through each of the niche practice areas that comprises “online marketing,” and outlines the best practices for each, all the while mirroring it back up to your overall online marketing goal.

Depending upon how long you have been in the online marketing space, you may or may not need the best practices he talks about. That doesn’t matter, because to me the best part of this book is the unique perspective Odden has on selling through the necessity of performing and executing best practices of SEO, content writing, etc. He has provided me, with a new way to think about, and thus describe the necessity of needing to have a website properly built, for example, to a client (internal or external), so that they understand, care and take the time to properly execute recommendations.

Understanding technology is a scary endeavor for a lot of people, err regardless of it being relatively simple to understand. I always say it’s like math. Unless you are an accountant or an engineer you prefer to run away from the mere mention of the word, and not want to touch anything related to it out of fear. Odden describes technology and it’s necessity for online marketers in a way that transforms the boogie man into the most benign, loving pet you could ever have, and want to spend all your time with.

Optimize, is a must read for anyone in the PR, advertising, marketing, online space. This book should be passed out in every business class from kindergarten to graduate school and be handed out to every client as you both sign the dotted line.

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