The thought of creating an online content strategy for you business or yourself can be an overwhelming thought. When in doubt, always fall back on KISS – Keep ISimple Stupid!

Being on the internet is a privilege, not a right! Value and authenticity will get you a lot farther, than being on every social platform and not utilizing them properly.

The internet is a place to connect and have fun with real life people, don’t forget that. Just be yourself!


Online Content Strategy Foundations

Your online content strategy should be simple and agile at it’s core – yes even for large brands with multiple verticals and target audiences. It is about staying true to your brand and providing value added content to your target audiences.

The foundation for your online content strategy should follow best practices, but how you implement the individual pieces and provide your own personal spin to the implementation is unique to you.


Social Media Strategy

Just because a lot of people use one particular platform, or your competitors all have a blog, doesn’t mean it’s right for you to be there or create it. Do your research and find out where your target audience(s) is online and talk to them there. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or prop up social profiles that you never use.


Consulting Services: Online Content Strategy

I have over 13 years experience creating content; both online and offline. Quality content reigns supreme on the web and being able to generate content that is written for web readability and optimized for Search is priceless.

Here are some of the services I can provide:

  • Audit of your current Online Content Process
  • Creation of an Online Content Strategy
  • Creation of Content
    • Blog posts
    • Social Media posts
  • In-person/Video trainings on how to:
    • Write for the web
    • Properly optimize content for search engines
  • Manuals on how to:
    • Content style guides with your brand’s voice.
    • Write for the web with your brand’s voice.
    • Properly optimize content for search engines

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, via the Contact Me form.