." Yes, Google Plus for business is the way to go, and here are my reasons why."/>

Google Plus for Business: Are You Utilizing The Power of G+?

Yes, I can hear the groans. I am sure you are thinking “Another online platform? I can hardly handle Facebook, and LinkedIn, and <insert all other social media platforms here>.”  Yes, Google Plus for business is the way to go, and here are my reasons why:

Top Seven Reason Why Google Plus for Business is Vital:

  1. Google Plus is run by the world’s largest search engine.
  2. By participating on Google Plus you are feeding your content straight into the world’s largest search engine.
  3. Google Plus allows you to list out and link to all your online profiles.
    a) By providing Google with all this information you are building your online authority.
    b) By building your online authority you will rank better in the SERPs.
  4. Google Plus allows you the ability to create and share media rich content easily and for free.
  5. Google Plus allows you to easily reach and engage your target demographic(s).
  6. Google Plus has content rich “Communities” that focus on specific topics. By participating in “Communities” where your target audience(s) are, you will be providing them with valuable information in a contextually relevant way.
  7. You do not have to advertise with Google Plus in order to be seen in your followers’ news feeds.

Google Plus for business use is a no brainer to me. It’s free, easy to use, and provides you with immediate ROI without any investment or advertising cost. My question is why aren’t you utilizing it?

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